Episode 104: Olympic Trials Preview

With the Olympic Trials looming, Jason and Kevin preview every event on the schedule and include their predictions, story lines to watch and everything else you need to know about the best, or second best, meet of the year . Also, Jason offers up some proposition bets to consider including some fun over/unders. Then, Martin Bingisser joins the guys to preview the throwing events and Jesse Squire comes on to talk jumps and multis.

3 responses to “Episode 104: Olympic Trials Preview

  1. A smart thing to say while watching the javelin is, “They better keep the tip down in this headwind! It’s always brutal here,” (accompanied by a sympathetic shake of the head) and “He/She needs to accelerate into his/her block better.” (Accompanied by a knowing nod of the head, or a frustrated double fist pound on the knees.) Hope that helps. :)

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