Episode 111: Olympic Trials Recap with Joe Battaglia

Kevin is joined by Joe Battaglia of NBC Olympics to wrap-up the 2012 Olympic Trials.  Joe discusses Monday’s runoff featuring Allyson Felix and Jeneba Tarmoh and gives a behind-the-scenes look at both athlete’s mindset going into the race.

Also, Joe shares his biggest surprises from the meet, the most interesting potential stories for London and the prospects of Eugene hosting the trials in 2016.

2 responses to “Episode 111: Olympic Trials Recap with Joe Battaglia

  1. Here is my take on the run off. (although I am not sure anyone cares).

    First, I think folks wanted the run off. USATF could have set the rule as a run off and if one person does not show that runner is 4th, but it gave the runners a choice.

    With that said, the run off is not happening because of a choice made by Tormah. She is still going to London as an alternate and as a member of the relay pool. My guess is that she runs an early round of the 4×100. That will get her a medal (as anyone who runs gets a medal if the team earns one in the finals).

    My guess is that she realized that Felix was really flying (as she had a good view of the 200m performance).

    USATF should have required them to make a decision sooner to avoid this mess. The lack of a run off inconvenienced a lot of people unnecessarily.

    I also think USATF needs to re-assess its rule to make sure it is what it wants it to be going forward.

    Also, based on the statement released, I do not see a legal challenge coming. She conceded the spot (based on reports) and did not challenge the run off itself as a means of settling the matter.

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