Episode 276: 8 and a Half Mile

Jason and Kevin dissect Allyson Felix’s choice to run the 400, the latest doping investigation involving the IAAF and Kenya, David Rudisha’s loss in Nairobi and Eminem’s treadmill adventures.
Then, the guys answer listener email about the UK selection policy for the World Championships, reaction times for sprinters, gender testing in track and field and running up very steep hills.
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2 responses to “Episode 276: 8 and a Half Mile

  1. Great podcast, a few thoughts:
    First, I like the different ideas on how the Kenyan or Ethiopian teams could take down Mo Farah, but I think they can be expanded. Instead just trying to execute a team plan in the 5k or 10k final, the entire Ethiopian or Kenyan 5k/10k team should work together over the course of the 9 days. First, in the 10k the three members of the team go to the front and work together to run as fast as they possibly can. Farah will inevitably destroy them in the final 200m, but will run sub 26:50 in the process. Next, whoever is in the same 5k heat as Farah tries to make Farah work as hard as possible, getting him to run low 13s or at least run a really fast final few ks in the heat. In the final, this runner then acts as the rabbit for his teammates and attempts to pull them to a really fast time while dropping the overworked Farah.

    Second, regarding the transgender athlete issue, although gender is not binary, sex certainly is, and when you step onto the playing field it is your physical attributes (which are strongly influenced by sex) that define your performance. If your biological sex confers upon you an unfair advantage over your competitors, then you shouldn’t be allowed to compete against them. Additionally, the ability to play professional sports against those of your gender is not some intrinsic human right. It’s a privilege, and sometimes in life some people don’t get to enjoy certain privileges. Also, to start the ‘would you call yourself a woman so that you could win a Olympic medal survey’, a woman with my personal bests would be the favorite in the 800m at the Olympics, but I would never in a million years call myself a woman to get in on that.

    Lastly, to continue the Dwight Stones rant, I hate listening to him commentate, and think that he and the entire NBC crew are actually hurting the sport. Most of their race commentary is about some human interest element related to one of the competitors (e.g. “did you know that Mac Fleet’s dad ALSO ran for Oregon”). The thin race narration is limited to a few pre-selected runners, and they make virtually no effort to describe the race itself (i.e. who is this unexpected person in the lead, who looks good, who looks bad…). By refusing to call the race, they implicitly tell the viewer that races have no intrinsic excitement, and are only interesting if viewed in light of some external context.
    //end rant

  2. IAAF World Half Marathon Championships
    26 MAR 2016