Here’s to the Diamond League

The Diamond League season is a wrap.  Aries Merritt’s world record in the 110 hurdles provided an exciting end, but now we have to wait until next May for high-level professional track to return.  Before we look forward and start the countdown to the 2013 season, let’s pay tribute to the 2012 Diamond League.

-Here’s to the lane fillers from the host country who always finished two-tenths behind the field.

-Here’s to the flower girls who prematurely gave away their prize in Rome……

…and got run over by Usain Bolt in Oslo.

-Here’s to the rabbits in the women’s middle distance races, who this season got paid to basically do nothing but sprint 30 meters clear of the field for half of the race.

-Here’s to the Diamond League homepage where music played instantly in a manner not seen since the days of MySpace.

-Here’s to the seedy websites that provided streams of the meets.  They taught us how to close multiple pop-up windows and let us know that you are still able to purchase a bride from a variety of different countries.

-Here’s to Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce and Carmelita Jeter for continuing their rivalry post-Olympics and giving fans three solid head-to-head races.

-Here’s to Bolt and Yohan Blake for not continuing their rivalry post-Olympics and giving us all something to get mad about.

-Here’s to Nickel Ashmeade, Charonda Williams and the other surprise Diamond Race winners who made us realize we don’t really pay attention to the Diamond Race all that much.

-Here’s to Angelo Taylor, Kaliese Spencer and the other members of the “Two Weeks Too Late “ club who used the Diamond League to help end their seasons on a high note after disappointment in London.

-Here’s to David Rudisha who decimated the field in New York in a way Americans had never seen….

….but then had the decency to let one of his opponents win in Zurich.

-Finally, here’s to the most convoluted and confusing “regular season” in sports.

See you in 245 days, Diamond League!


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