Episode 132: Talking with Pat Price of Writing about Running

Pat Price of Writing about Running joins Kevin to discuss the IAAF Athlete of the Year winners, positive tests from the 2004 Olympics, Galen Rupp in Japan, modifications to the Olympic Trials, and more negative press for Oscar Pistorius.

Pat also previews the Nike Cross Nationals, compares his age to Haile Gebrselassie’s and explains the benefits of a House of Run t-shirt.

2 responses to “Episode 132: Talking with Pat Price of Writing about Running

  1. With the rumors swirling that Adam Nelson could get a gold from 2004, I suggest that in the future no medals be awarded at any Games. Instead, all samples are re-tested 2 months before the Games 8 years later. Then invite all the folks back for those games and award the medals and play the anthems then. So in Rio, no one gets a medal, but they would be awarded to the athletes in 2024 just to increase chance of the right people getting the medals.

  2. I was also going to comment that HyVee has been a long-time triathlon sponsor in Des Moines. That triathlon has a huge prize list. Glad they turned to track and field!