Episode 159: Adidas Grand Prix Recap/Prefontaine Classic Preview

Jason and Kevin discuss the results from a rainy and windy Adidas Grand Prix before turning their attention to this weekend’s Prefontaine Classic:  Will Sanya Richards-Ross race?  Can Mo Farah be challenged?  How fast will David Rudisha run?
Then, the guys read email and try to decide what song they would want to listen to for 10,000 meters on the track.

3 responses to “Episode 159: Adidas Grand Prix Recap/Prefontaine Classic Preview

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  2. Songs to listen last 2 laps of 10k on a track: old man rock but hard to beat a lot of stuff by Tool. Not everyone’s cup of tea I guess.

    No – Mary C will not break 2. If she does, please drug test her right away just so we can put that conversation to bed.

    If Rudisha runs with a top hat, he needs a monocle as well. And a little cane, but then he’d look more like the Penguin from Batman.

    Have any of your episodes speculated the important question what Rudisha could do a STRAIGHT beer 800 in?

    I am naming my next dog Kipragat.

    keep up the great stuff guys (I’d say the “stupid” stuff but that comment context might be lost outside of the ‘cast)

  3. Best song to listen to for the last 2 laps — Time of Dying by Three Doors Grace

    Never heard the song until I watched a Youtube video of Jack Bauer 24 highlights on Youtube.