Episode 166: Sunday, Dopey, Sunday

Jason and Kevin discuss the fallout from the positive drug tests of Tyson Gay and Asafa Powell.  Are their legacies completely tarnished?  Is track winning the battle against performance enhancing drugs?  Should certain drugs be moved off off the banned list?

Also, the guys continue their discussion of the best kicks of all time and Jordan Hasay’s chase for the World Championship A Standard.

3 responses to “Episode 166: Sunday, Dopey, Sunday

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  2. Obviously I have no real life to speak of as I have been clicking refresh on my Itunes podcast screen every day, nay, multiple times a day to see if there is a latest HOR out. It is now Thursday and there is not. Yer killin’ me. Please get on it boys.

    Itchin’ to hear the analysis on Farrah’s 1500, the thoughts on this guy with blades running as fast as he is in the 200, guesses as to who else pulls out of Worlds.

    Also curious as a relatively new listener to the show if you give a damn about things like the USMRT (and if not, why not) that just got picked up at Cranmore.