Episode 174: So Long Sweet Summer

Jason and Kevin review the results of the Brussels Diamond League meeting, debate the top candidates for Athlete  of the Year, mull over the Usain Bolt “retirement” announcement and look ahead to the fall marathon season.

3 responses to “Episode 174: So Long Sweet Summer

  1. Will Mo Farah ever be considered one of the greatest distance runners ever? I’m not sure because his best times are not so fast and his tactics are to try to run off of a place that he tries to slow down. Bekele won 5k’s in 12:57.82 and 13:17.09, Farah in 13:23.36, 13:41.66, and 13:26.98. Bekele won 10k’s in 27:05.10, 26:49.57, 27:08.33, 27:05.90, 26:46.31, and 27:01.17, Farah in 27:30.42 and 27:21.71.

  2. @ Cory Beard
    Part of me agrees with you because of the times but part of me doesn’t.
    Starting with the agreement part is what you say and even if wins gold at the next olympics I will probably put behind the real greats.
    But if he keeps doing what he’s doing and just aiming for the medals then he will do and the records won’t matter. I think he has the potential to win many more olympic and world championship golds as well as the Great North Run this weekend and many of the major marathons. which if he does do that over the next 8 years he will be up there with bekele and gebrselassie

  3. Farrah actually ranks higher on the 1500 all time list than he does on either the 5k or 10k list (at least I think that is true).

    That said, double gold in the 5 and 10k makes you one at least in the conversation of all time greats. A W is a W …

    Over here in Dublin on a business trip, and enjoyed the recent ‘cast. Was cracking up at the “I am not gonna get passed” dialogue. Reminded me of a point a few years ago I was running with a buddy who had an “undefeated” streak on being passed on any training run.

    Anyway, we were out on a run, and could hear someone coming up on us, so he picked up the pace without a word to keep the streak. I went with him and soon we were really rolling and the guy kept coming. Turns out it was Jorge Torres and he just blew by us. I laughed and said outloud as he went by – “well there goes the streak.”

    He was PISSED. Seriously pissed, and shouted at me, “WHY? Why would you say that so he could hear that?”

    I probably should have punched him.

    I have been subscribed for about a dozen episodes now. What is the story with Jason’s cut out line “Jessica Ennis?”

    I probably would not have posted this but felt compelled to drop you a note after the call for emails. Keep up the good work gents.