Episode 180: Hall Bearers

Jason and Kevin reunite in person and discuss Ryan Hall’s withdrawal from the New York City Marathon, Ashton Eaton’s new event, Portland’s bid to host the World Indoor Championships and Mo Farah’s beef with Busta Rhymes.

Later, the guys also touch on two big meets in NCAA cross country and read listener emails on easy running, new track events and soil records.

2 responses to “Episode 180: Hall Bearers

  1. Ben Nicholson

    Here is the distances for the mentioned UK places.
    Birmingham to Loughborough is 36.5 Miles
    Birmingham to London is 101.5 Miles

  2. Ben Nicholson

    Something that has popped up on my facebook feed that I wish I paid more attention to and that is wheelchair athletics. Now that of which I talk about is Tatyana McFadden being “the first athlete to win three World Marathon Majors in one year” and could she make it 4 in a row. Now I haven’t heard you mention wheelchair racing before so I don’t know how good your knowledge is but it would be nice to see if you have any knowledge on the wheelchair races at the New York Marathon and can she do it.