Episode 191: American Shuffle

Jason and Kevin discuss Nick Symmonds’s decision to leave Nike, Asbel Kiprop’s alleged legal troubles, America’s entrants in the Boston Marathon and the candidates for the best track meet in 2014.

2 responses to “Episode 191: American Shuffle

  1. Tom Heinonen

    Regarding shorts over tights, Prefontaine and the earlier Oregon runners of the 1960s wore shorts over “long johns.” Tights weren’t worn by runners until the late 1980s as I recall. Bowerman’s runners hated running in winter rain wearing cotton sweatpants which got wet, heavy and cold, so he bought long underwear (also cotton) and died it green. The guys had to wear shorts over the underwear for propriety’s sake but the snugness kept them warmer and the dye disguised the fact that they were wearing long underwear in public. Bowerman was ever the thinker and tinkerer.

    The stirrup pants of the 1970s and 80s were invented by Ron Hill in England. His were all nylon and reasonably warm because they were snugger. Jim Hill, an Oregon alum, then made a multi-fabric version, which became the basis of his Eugene-based company Sporthill.
    Lycra tight came in later and changed everything, leading to your shorts or no shorts discussion.

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