Episode 196: New Balance Indoor Grand Prix Recap + Doug Binder Interview

Jason and Kevin discuss Galen Rupp’s drop out, Jenny Simpson’s miscalculation, Mary Cain’s record and all the other action from the New Balance Indoor Grand Prix.
Then, Doug Binder of Dyestat.com joins the guys and talks about life at the Armory, the upcoming Millrose Games, the rise of Mary Cain of Alexa Efraimson and his experiences covering Alberto Salazar and Galen Rupp.

3 responses to “Episode 196: New Balance Indoor Grand Prix Recap + Doug Binder Interview

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  3. Great show. Inclusion of Binder was excellent in providing a bit of conversation on Rupp.

    I might be the GOM (grumpy old man) on this topic but I don’t think our sport gets the innocent until proven guilty pass any more. It is not an accusation of Galen or Dibaba but a recognition that our sport is littered with drug enhanced performances. Jason says he will go to the grave assuming innocence until one is proven guilty. That seems short sighted when you guys spent 10 minutes discussing how stupid Gay was (as revealed in the recent article), and joking how the Chinese track was 374 meters. I get that Dibaba comes from incredible genetic stock, and that the records she is breaking are indoor records, but given the history we are obliged to assure that the performances are clean.

    Unless we are like the NFL and really don’t care or want to know (and frankly, that really might be okay).