Episode 197: Millrose Recap/US Indoor Championships Preview

Jason and Kevin discuss the three world records from the weekend, Mary Cain’s dominating win in the Millrose Games, Bernard Lagat’a American record and another victory for Marvin Bracy.
The guys also break down the upcoming US Indoor Championships, continue the best nickname debate and brainstorm events for the greatest track meet of all-time.

3 responses to “Episode 197: Millrose Recap/US Indoor Championships Preview

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  2. How about some field events for your “dream track meet”?
    Have you ever seen a shotput miss the landing sector completely and hit the distance sign? People love it!
    Let’s have shotput for accuracy. Put objects of different sizes at different distances around the sector. Closer objects and bigger ones could be worth fewer points. Farther objects and smaller ones could be worth more points. The targets should be flimsy so that they collapse or burst into smithereens when they’re hit with a 16-pounder.
    Steel balls flying…points…things being smashed…a clear winner…it’s “Master and Commander” on the infield without the blood.

  3. Found it funny you brought up Bracy keeping his composure. Guess he learned from his ncaa indoor dq last year