Episode 256: False Starts

Jason and Kevin discuss Ryan Hall’s struggles, Edward Cheserek’s magnificent mile, Oregon’s distance dominance and the 2015 debuts of Usain Bolt and David Rudisha.
The guys also chat about Portland’s green track, Kaylin Whitnety’s decision to turn professional and Kenenisa Bekele’s scratch from the London Marathon.

4 responses to “Episode 256: False Starts

  1. IAAF World Cross Country Championships, Guiyang 2015 is March 28th @ Noon PST

    Top 15 finish automatically qualifies for 10 km in IAAF outdoor championship in August

    2015 USA and IAAF qualifying standards

  2. Katie Horton

    Kevin: “One times four meters at your race pace should not tire you out”
    Jason: “Well, I’d be tired out by that, but chances are. . .”

    HAH! HAH! I was laughing out loud in my shower to this line . . . and again four hours later driving down the road . . . and again today!

    Thanks guys for a great episode :)

  3. Could you guys include the books and movies you refer to in a “show notes” type section? When we listen to the podcast on a run, don’t exactly have time to jot down book and movie titles and now I’ve forgotten them when I’m done with the run.

    Thanks guys! Love you, love your show.

    • You mean you don’t run with a pen and paper? Kidding. Yes, we will include this in the future. Thank you for listening!