Episode 272: David Epstein Interview + Paris Diamond League Recap

Investigative reporter David Epstein joins Jason and Kevin to discuss his story about Alberto Salazar breaking anti-drug rules.  David describes his reaction to Salazar’s response, the likelihood of Salazar facing a suspension and the next steps in the case.
After the interview, Jason and Kevin recap the Paris Diamond League meet, relive Evan Jager’s wild American record race, argue about who has the best chance to beat Justin Gatlin, and make a plea for Allyson Felix to ditch the relays.
Show Notes
-Our iTunes page
-Voicemail line:  206-208-9935
-“Catch Me If You Can” documentary about Salazar and the Nike Oregon Project
-Alberto Salazar’s open letter
-David Epstein’s response
-Epstein’s book, “The Sports Gene
-Congressman thinks Guam might tip over
-Recap of the All American Challenge with photos!

3 responses to “Episode 272: David Epstein Interview + Paris Diamond League Recap

  1. Owen Schmitt

    I think Evan Jager’s best strategy to win is to grind from 800 out to a lead. Although he has 3:32 speed, no one is outkicking koech, kemboi or kipruto, birech in a steeple.

    I think Jager can win, but he can’t leave it to a kick like that.

    Coburn could also destroy, although she has a pretty damn good kick, like when she beat Ayalew.

  2. Just as I figured. Kara has nothing new to say of substance and this whole thing had zero factual evidence to prove that Alberto did anything wrong. So it was basically a character assassination. They are reaching for the stars to prove anything was done wrong and this has affected all athletes training with NOP. Good job with promoting the sport.

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