Episode 287: Great Intentions

Jason and Kevin discuss the hasty decision to hold Kenyan marathon Olympic Trials, the difficulty in following NCAA cross country, Andre De Grasse’s future and Jeremy Wariner running in trainers.

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One response to “Episode 287: Great Intentions

  1. Not brother Colin

    Ok several things:
    First, I’m about about a month late with this, but I wanted to submit two events for the fantasy track meet; first, the top 4 men’s 400m hurdlers vs. the top 4 women’s 400m runners. Second, Bolt and Gatlin in a 2×200 vs. a Bromell, De Grasse et al 4×100. This second idea is less likely to happen than you guys winning the lottery (so hopefully not that unlikely still) because it would require one of those guys to defer being the anchor.
    Second, I would love for you guys to do a house of NBA podcast!
    Lastly, going off of the Bromell/De Grasse conversation, I’ve always wondered what the base salary is for various professional runners, and am wondering if you all can use your industry contacts to get some info on that.