Episode 299: WADA You Want From Me?

Jason and Kevin discuss the mix messages from the second WADA independent commission report, changes to the Olympic schedule, the end of Ryan Hall’s career and a freshman 800m phenom.
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One response to “Episode 299: WADA You Want From Me?

  1. Not brother Colin

    Hey guys sorry in advance for the long comment:

    For the question of why Ryan Hall didn’t have the same impact on the marathon that Webb did on the middle distances, I wonder if it’s because not enough time has passed yet. Webb ran his 3:53 and held his own against the best of the world in 2001, but it wasn’t until 2009 that the next generation of American-schooled runners (Leo, Lomong, Symmonds), made finals at the WCs, and it wasn’t until 2011 that Centrowitz finally delivered a medal. If the marathon were to follow that timeline, then we would only now be seeing the changes. Also, I wonder if it is just easier for there to be changes in the middle distances; Americans in the early 2000s already ran track in HS and college, so the changes in success didn’t require any changes in a career arc, only in mentality.

    Next, on the Donovan Brazier topic, I think he would benefit more from going out faster in futures 800s, rather than slower. If he went out in 51.5 then he would have come back in about 54.5, so a 3 second positive split, which is within the range that one wants to have for the 800. Also, for non-elite 800m runners, a rough rule of thumb is that one’s first 400 should be 5 seconds slower than what they could run open, but for elites this would probably be more like 4 seconds. Looking now at Brazier’s 400m ability…Letsrun says that he was splitting sub 46 last years on relays (with a 1:47 pr and more mileage in his legs), so I think it’s safe to say he could run in the 46s open. Adding 4 seconds to that gives 50 point, or a fair bit faster than what he went out in. Amazing run by him though either way.

    Lastly, I feel like I might as well put in my bold prediction for 2016: the US men will win the 4×1, but finish 3rd in the 4×4 (man, I hope that second part doesn’t happen)