Episode 349: Florence The Machine

Jason and Kevin recap the Chicago Marathon and discuss a slow men’s race, Florence Kiplagat’s repeat victory, Diego Estrada’s tumble and Abel Kirui’s finish line dance.
Then, the guys chat about the critical article about USATF CEO Max Siegel, Mo Farah’s appearance on a Japanese game show, the strange positive drug test of Shawn Barber, the perfect cross country course and much more.
Show Notes
-Washington Post story about Max Siegel
-Mo Farah runs on Japanese game show
-Shawn Barber tests positive for cocaine after kissing a woman he met on Craig’s List
Full decision in Barber case
-Diego Estrada’s ankle
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One response to “Episode 349: Florence The Machine

  1. WITHOUT LIMITS QUIZ (answers in 2nd email)

    hey guys

    Kevin said awhile back that ‘every extra in Without Limits is faster than all of us.’ If I hear that again, someone’s going to end up in Sacred Heart Hospital….seriously, that’s one extra who isn’t faster than anyone…however, he’s paid his dues as a 40+ year official at Hayward.

    Speaking of extras….i think I have another puzzler for you (answers will be provided in email #2):

    After Pre’s first college race, when the camera captures his slow motion realization that the crowd loves him, and the world record trumpet solo is playing….
    a) Who is the dark-haired shaggy guy with the glasses cheering his guts out? (the camera focuses on him)

    b) What was his contribution to the fashion world?

    c) Who was the first person to wear the item and when?

    I might just have you stumped on this one. See next email for answers…