Episode 93: London, Mt. SAC, Penn, Siegel and World Peace

Jason and Kevin comment on the hiring of Max Siegel as USATF CEO, react to a very surprising London Marathon and review the top performances from the past weekend on the track.  Other topics include, who should comprise the Kenyan Olympic marathon squad, Savannah Guthrie’s hurdling techniques and whether Olympic athletes should be paid.  Also, the guys debate how Bershawn Jackson’s comments stack up to other great trash talking in history, praise the greatest track and field headline of the year and name the best Penn Relays distance medley relay team.


5 responses to “Episode 93: London, Mt. SAC, Penn, Siegel and World Peace

  1. I was hoping you guys would touch upon how no track or other not well paid Olympic athletes didn’t support Dwayne Wade’s comments. If Wade’s comments got more traction, maybe it could have forced the IOC hands into having to pay athletes. I’m surprised Nick Symmonds or Christian Cantwell didn’t speak up.

    • Given the backlash that Dwayne Wade faced after his comments, I am not surprised that track athletes were reluctant to step forward. As we have seen with the sponsorship/logo debate, the powers that be are very slow to change and those that challenge them do so at the risk of losing what they already have (not much admittedly, but more than nothing). I am sure that each athlete receives some sort of bonus from their sponsor if they make the team, so in a way they do get paid for their Olympic appearance. Going back to the first Dream Team in 1992, shoe companies have paid NBA players for being part of the Olympic team. I think Wade’s point was more about getting a cut of the apparel sales than just being compensated for showing up . Thanks for following up, and sorry we didn’t get to this on the podcast. I blame Jason’s senior thesis like response for throwing me off.

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