SPEED Rankings #1- Men

The SPEED rankings are unscientific and, more than likely will prove to be inaccurate.  Enjoy!



  1. Usain Bolt (Jam)
  2. Asafa Powell (Jam)
  3. Steve Mullings (Jam)
  4. Walter Dix (Usa)
  5. Yohan Blake (Jam)

Bolt gets the benefit of the doubt here, despite not cracking 9.91 yet this season.  After the first 4, it is difficult to call with Justin Gatlin (USA), Mike Rodgers (USA), and Ngoni Makusha (ZIM) in the mix.


  1. Usain Bolt (Jam)
  2. Walter Dix (Usa)
  3. Steve Mullings (Jam)
  4. Nickel Ashmeade (Jam)
  5. Jaysuma Ndure (Nor)

Bolt’s 19.86 remains the fastest wind-legal time, for now.  Ndure gets points for seemingly racing every weekend.  Not an incredibly strong event, could leave an opening for Darvis Patton (USA)


  1. Tony McQuay (Usa)
  2. Kirani James (Grn)
  3. Jeremy Wariner (Usa)
  4. Rondell Bartholomew (Grn)
  5. Jermaine Gonzalez (Jam)

Also not an incredibly strong event this year, yet.  Florida’s McQuay has 2 of the top 4 times and a victory over Wariner.  This weekend’s races in Paris and Birmingham will provide some clarity.


  1. David Rudisha (Ken)
  2. Abubaker Kaki (Sud)
  3. Nick Symmonds (Usa)
  4. Boaz Lalang (Ken)
  5. Yuriy Borzakovskiy (Rus)

Rudisha looked to be in his 2010 form last week in Lausanne and may be tactic-proof in Daegu. Will Kaki be able to stay upright long enough to challenge him?


  1. Asbel Kiprop (Ken)
  2. Nixon Chepseba (Ken)
  3. Silas Kiplagat (Ken)
  4. Haron Keitany (Eth)
  5. Mekonnen Gebremedhin (Eth)

Chepseba looked great early, but was 6th in Oslo.  Kiprop has been relatively consistent, but not overly impressive.  This event is will see a bunch of movement in the coming weeks.


  1. Imane Merga (Eth)
  2. Vincent Chepkok (Ken)
  3. Dejen Gebremeskel (Eth)
  4. Yenew Alamirew (Eth)
  5. Bernard Lagat (Usa)

Chepkok won in Lausanne beating New York winner Gebremeskel and favorite Merga.  Merga has been racing quite frequently going all the way back to his World Cross Country victory in March.


1.  Mo Farah (Gbr)

2.  Imane Merga (Eth)

3.  Mathew Kisorio (Ken)

4.  Leonard Komon (Ken)

5.  Zersenay Tadesse (Eri)

Sample size on this one is very small as there have been very few races at 10,000m this year.  Farah’s year is incredible thus far: Win in Edinburgh XC, 5,000m European indoor record, 3,000m European champion, NYC Half Marathon champion, Prefontaine Classic 10,000m champion.  That is big wins on the roads, indoor track, outdoor track and on the cross country course.

110 Hurdles

1.  David Oliver (Usa)

2.  Liu Xiang (Chi)

3.  Dayron Robles (Cub)

4.  Aries Merritt (Usa)

5.  Dwight Thomas (Jam)

The big 3 are all progressing toward an intriguing match-up in Daegu.  Xiang beat Oliver in Shanghai, Oliver beat Xiang in Eugene and world-record holder Robles is undefeated.

400 Hurdles

1.  L.J. Van Zyl (Rsa)

2.  Jeshua Anderson (Usa)

3.  David Greene (Gbr)

4.  Bershawn Jackson (Usa)

5.  Javier Culson (Pur)

Van Zyl showed signs of a decline in New York, but his early performances keep him at the top for now.  USA is thinking sweep in this event but will need to see improvement from Kerron Clement if that is to have any chance of happening.

3000 Steeplechase

1.  Paul Koech (Ken)

2.  Brimin Kipruto (Ken)

3.  Hillary Yego (Ken)

4.  Ezekiel Kemboi (Ken)

5.  Roba Gari (Eth)

Koech has 3 of the top 4 times, but has been beaten by Kipruto and Kemboi in Diamond League meets this year.

Women’s SPEED rankings coming tomorrow.

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