SPEED Rankings #1- Women

Once again, the SPEED rankings are unscientific and, more than likely will prove to be inaccurate.  Enjoy!



1.  Veronica Campbell-Brown (Jam)

2.  Carmelita Jeter (Usa)

3.  Marshevet Myers (Usa)

4.  Kerron Stewart (Jam)

5.  Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce (Jam)

Campbell-Brown won her only match-up against Jeter in Shanghai in May.  Since then, the two have traded posting impressive marks and wins.  Fraser-Pryce, the gold medalist from 2008 and 2009, has missed time due to injuries and is a big question mark.


1.  Allyson Felix (Usa)

2.  Shalonda Solomon (Usa)

3.  Veronica Campbell-Brown (Jam)

4.  Carmelita Jeter (Usa)

5.  Kerron Stewart (Jam)

Felix hasn’t raced 200m that much this season, but is yet to lose.  Solomon won in the Felix-less USA Championships in Eugene, posting the fastest time of the year.


1.  Allyson Felix (Usa)

2.  Amantle Montsho (Bot)

3.  Sanya Richards-Ross (Usa)

4.  Francena McCorory (Usa)

5.  Novelene Williams-Mills (Jam)

Felix has 3 of the top 6 marks this year and may have a better chance of winning 400m than her mainstay, the 200m.  Richards-Ross is trending up despite finishing behind Montsho 3 times on the Diamond League.


1.  Kenia Sinclair (Jam)

2.  Sviatlana Usovich (Blr)

3.  Alysia Johnson (Usa)

4.  Halima Hachlaf (Mor)

5.  Mariya Savinova (Rus)

Intriguing event that will be clarified at bit after Friday’s meet in Paris.  Montano took a bit of risk in not racing much before USA Championships, which means she should be fresh and ready for the later part of the season.  Sinclair has been very solid and showed range in winning the 1500 in New York.


1.  Maryam Jamal (Brn)

2.  Morgan Uceny (Usa)

3.  Gelete Burka (Eth)

4.  Anna Mischenko (Ukr)

5.  Kenia Sinclair (Jam)

Still sticking with Jamal despite her unspectacular racing in Lausanne.  The much-chronicled US distance struggles on the track really haven’t pertained to the women as much.  Kara Goucher and Shalane Flanagan have medaled in the 10,000m and Shannon Rowbury won the bronze in the 1500m in Berlin.  After her big win in Lausanne, this year’s best hope looks to be Uceny, who won just days after taking the US title.


1.  Vivian Cheruiyot (Ken)

2.  Linet Masai (Ken)

3.  Meseret Defar (Eth)

4.  Senteyahu Ejigu (Eth)

5.  Mercy Cherono (Ken)

Cheruiyot won in Shanghai and Eugene and Defar won in Oslo over Ejigu.  There will be several Kenyan women left off their team who have run well under 15 minutes.  Depth!


1.  Vivian Cheruiyot (Ken)

2.  Linet Masai (Ken)

3.  Sally Kipyego (Ken)

4.  Shalane Flanagan (Usa)

5.  Meselech Melkamu (Eth)

As with the men, 10,000m races on the track are going out of style.  Kipyego has the best time of the year from Palo Alto, but may not make the team depending on who decides to double on the Kenyan team.  Flanagan finished only behind Masai and Cheruiyot at the World Cross Country Championships in Spain and has shown the ability to stay at the front of big races.

100 Hurdles

1.  Kellie Wells (Usa)

2.  Danielle Carruthers (Usa)

3.  Sally Pearson (Aus)

4.  Dawn Harper (Usa)

5.  Tiffany Ofili-Porter (Gbr)

Just as we were ready to anoint Wells, she finished 6th in Lausanne.  She won in Eugene just a few days prior, so her Lausanne result probably was a result of fatigue.  The short hurdle races are entirely unpredictable, but the US should do well in this race in Daegu and throughout the rest of the summer.

400 Hurdles

1.  Lashinda Demus (Usa)

2.  Kaliese Spencer (Jam)

3.  Melaine Walker (Jam)

4.  Vania Stambolova (Bul)

5.  Ristananna Tracey (Jam)

Demus beat Spencer and Walker at the Pre Classic and Stambolova has been winning races in meets that nobody has heard of.  Tracey is only 18 and finished just behind Spencer at the Jamaican trials.

3000 Steeplechase

1.  Milcah Chemos (Ken)

2.  Sofia Assefa (Eth)

3.  Mercy Njoroge (Ken)

4.  Lydia Rotich (Ken)

5.  Habiba Ghribi (Tur)

Chemos has been fantasy gold this year for those who actually play fantasy track and field (i.e. us) going 4 for 4 in the Diamond League.

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