SPEED Rankings #2- Men



  1. Usain Bolt (Jam)
  2. Asafa Powell (Jam)
  3. Steve Mullings (Jam)
  4. Walter Dix (Usa)
  5. Yohan Blake (Jam)

No changes here.  Powell got the win in Birmingham, Dix won in Canada and Justin Gatlin won the Alienation Classic over Dwain Chambers in Madrid.  Can Powell beat Bolt?  He sure thinks so.


  1. Usain Bolt (Jam)
  2. Walter Dix (Usa)
  3. Steve Mullings (Jam)
  4. Nickel Ashmeade (Jam)
  5. Christophe Lemaitre (Fra)

What did we learn from the Paris 200 m?  That it is possible for an athlete to wear a jersey with their own face on it and escape mockery.  Past that, not much.  Bolt overcame the weather and illness and cruised to victory against Lemaitre.  This event is really missing Wallace Spearmon and Tyson Gay.


  1. Tony McQuay (Usa)
  2. Kirani James (Grn)
  3. Christopher Brown (Bah)
  4. Rondell Bartholomew (Grn)
  5. Jermaine Gonzalez (Jam)

Brown enters the list after winning in Paris over Gonzalez and Jeremy Wariner, who has dropped out of the top 5 after a series of sub-par performances.  Lashawn Merritt may crack the top 5 before he even becomes eligible to race again.


  1. David Rudisha (Ken)
  2. Abubaker Kaki (Sud)
  3. Nick Symmonds (Usa)
  4. Boaz Lalang (Ken)
  5. Marcin Lewandowski (Pol)

Kaki’s pace-setter, Matt Scherer, guided him to an impressive win in Birmingham on Sunday.  How Kaki and Rudisha will do in Daegu when they are without their personal pacers is a fascinating storyline to keep an eye on.  Yuriy Borzakovskiy drops off the list after losing to American Tyler Mulder in Madird.  Just outside the list is Leonard Kosencha, who ran 1:44 at the World Youth Championships.


  1. Amine Laalou (Mar)
  2. Asbel Kiprop (Ken)
  3. Nixon Chepseba (Ken)
  4. Silas Kiplagat (Ken)
  5. Nick Willis (Nzl)

Most Kenyans were missing from both of the Diamond League meets as they are preparing for their national trials.  Kiprop was the exception, as he raced in Paris and came up short against the strong finishing Laalou.  Chepseba and Kiplagat haven’t shown much recently, and Willis enters the fray after finishing 4th in Paris in a seasonal best.


  1. Mo Farah (Gbr)
  2. Imane Merga (Eth)
  3. Vincent Chepkok (Ken)
  4. Bernard Lagat (Usa)
  5. Yenew Alamirew (Eth)

It is unclear whether or not Farah will run both the 5,000 m and 10,000 m at the World Championship in Daegu, but what it is increasingly apparent is that it is not wise to bet against him.  He dominated Merga and Alamirew in Birmingham and the playbook to beat him now appears to be very limited.


1.  Mo Farah (Gbr)

2.  Imane Merga (Eth)

3.  Mathew Kisorio (Ken)

4.  Leonard Komon (Ken)

5.  Galen Rupp (Usa)

See above for Farah explanation. Rupp moves to #5 based on his 2nd place, personal best performance in Birmingham.  Like Farah, Rupp has succeeded on a variety of surfaces and distances this year.  Ethiopia and Kenyan can only enter four and three athletes respectively, in Daegu, so that shouldn’t leave too many that are locks to beat him in his specialty event.

110 Hurdles

1.  David Oliver (Usa)

2.  Liu Xiang (Chi)

3.  Dayron Robles (Cub)

4.  Dwight Thomas (Jam)

5.  Aries Merritt (Usa)

Leaving Oliver at #1 after Robles beat him in Paris doesn’t make sense logically, but these rankings aren’t based on logic.  Oliver had a horrible start and the margin of victory was in the thousandths of a second so we are sticking with him.  Xiang won the Asian Games in 13.22 keeping the three-way showdown on course.

400 Hurdles

1.  L.J. Van Zyl (Rsa)

2.  Jeshua Anderson (Usa)

3.  David Greene (Gbr)

4.  Bershawn Jackson (Usa)

5.  Javier Culson (Pur)

Greene is poised to take over the top spot after winning consecutive Diamond League races, but Van Zyl still gets the nod from his earlier season performances.  Anderson is yet to race in Europe after his win at USA Championships.

3,000 Steeplechase

1.  Paul Koech (Ken)

2.  Brimin Kipruto (Ken)

3.  Mekhissi Benabbad-Mahiedine (Fra)

4.  Hillary Yego (Ken)

5.  Ezekiel Kemboi (Ken)

Benabbad-Mahiedine scored an impressive victory in Paris in front of his home crowd.  He defeated Kemboi in the process, but Koech and Kipruto were absent.


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