SPEED Rankings #2- Women



1.  Veronica Campbell-Brown (Jam)

2.  Carmelita Jeter (Usa)

3.  Marshevet Myers (Usa)

4.  Kelly-Ann Baptiste (Tri)

5.  Kerron Stewart (Jam)

Baptiste jumps onto the list by virtue of her shocking upset of Campbell-Brown in Paris.  Jeter and Myers both lost to Bianca Knight in a 200 m in Birmingham, but the weather and race distance make that result a bit inconsequential.


1.  Allyson Felix (Usa)

2.  Shalonda Solomon (Usa)

3.  Veronica Campbell-Brown (Jam)

4.  Carmelita Jeter (Usa)

5.  Marshevet Myers (Usa)

Myers isn’t on the team for Daegu, but makes the rankings after finishing in front of Jeter.  Felix will run her first 200 m since New York in Monaco on the 22nd of July.


1.  Allyson Felix (Usa)

2.  Amantle Montsho (Bot)

3.  Novelene Williams-Mills (Jam)

4.  Rosemarie Whyte (Jam)

5.  Sanya Richards-Ross (Usa)

Another race, another win for Montsho.  She has yet to crack 50 seconds this season, but has been remarkably consistent.  She has lost twice this season, both times to Felix, but has dominated the rest of the field.


1.  Caster Semenya (Rsa)

2.  Kenia Sinclair (Jam)

3.  Halima Hachlaf (Mor)

4.  Alysia Johnson (Usa)

5.  Jenny Meadows (Usa)

The 800 m in Paris was supposed to clarify this event, but the collisions and subsequent falls and DNFs made Friday’s race rather messy and indecipherable.  Semenya proved that she is capable of winning and Meadows ran well in both Paris and Birmingham.


1.  Morgan Uceny (Usa)

2.  Maryam Jamal (Brn)

3.  Gelete Burka (Eth)

4.  Kalkidan Gezahegne (Eth)

5.  Kenia Sinclair (Jam)

3 wins in a row for Uceny, all from races that looked very similar.  Revisionist history makes her performances at the Pre Classic and New York a bit more promising than they originally appeared.  Jamal still appears to be the biggest threat to defeating her, but will need a faster paced race to do it.


1.  Vivian Cheruiyot (Ken)

2.  Linet Masai (Ken)

3.  Meseret Defar (Eth)

4.  Senteyahu Ejigu (Eth)

5.  Mercy Cherono (Ken)

Defar, Ejigu and Cherono went 1-2-3 in Paris proving the unbelievable accuracy of these rankings.  Cheruiyot and Masai were amongst the majority of Kenyans who took the week off to prepare for their national trials.


1.  Vivian Cheruiyot (Ken)

2.  Linet Masai (Ken)

3.  Sally Kipyego (Ken)

4.  Shalane Flanagan (Usa)

5.  Meselech Melkamu (Eth)

No reason to change these.  Flanagan finished 4th in Paris in the 5,000 m and will be racing a 1,500 m in Monaco.

100 Hurdles

1.  Sally Pearson (Aus)

2.  Kellie Wells (Usa)

3.  Danielle Carruthers (Usa)

4.  Dawn Harper (Usa)

5.  Ginnie Crawford (Usa)

Pearson backed up her Lausanne win with a victory in Birmingham in a world-leading 12.48.  Carruthers was second in Birmingham in 12.52 and is appearing to be an under the radar contender for Daegu.   Wells has looked off the last two races, but is still getting the benefit of the doubt based on her USA Championships performance.

400 Hurdles

1.  Lashinda Demus (Usa)

2.  Zuzana Hejnova (Cze)

3.  Kaliese Spencer (Jam)

4.  Natalya Antyukh (Rus)

5.  Melaine Walker (Jam)

Demus didn’t show in Paris and Hejnova bettered the world leading mark by .02 and won over Spencer, Antyukh and Walker.

3000 Steeplechase

1.  Milcah Chemos (Ken)

2.  Sofia Assefa (Eth)

3.  Mercy Njoroge (Ken)

4.  Lydia Rotich (Ken)

5.  Habiba Ghribi (Tur)

Chemos didn’t race in Birmingham, and Assefa seized the opportunity to get her first Diamond League win.  If our fantasy league were based on just the women’s steeplechase, team Beaten By Zebras (owned by Jason and Kevin) would be way out in front.

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