The Morning Run- June 22nd

The Morning Run is a daily compilation of links, news and commentary.

Today, I head to Eugene for the Olympic Trials. While there, I hope to post nightly recap podcasts after all eight days of competition. Also, look for live chats each day on the site.

Earlier this week, we posted the Non-Track Fan’s Guide to the Olympic Trials. Additionally, we posted a couple podcasts. Episode 103 is a quick primer for new/casual fans and Episode 104 is a full preview including all running and field events.

In Episode 104, Jason showed his skills as a degenerate gambler  Vegas insider and generated odds and over/unders for the some of the races in Eugene. I added a couple in and I thought I would post some here so that you can fictitiously bet on fake odds with your fellow track enthusiasts.

Men’s 100m
Over/under a time of 9.85 for Tyson Gay in the final
Under: +130
Over: -150

Will it be raining at the start?
Yes:- 150
No: +250

Over/under 3.5 event wins by Ashton Eaton
Under: -150
Over: +120

Over/under 2.5 Kardashian’s present at opening ceremonies
Under: -300
Over: +250

Women’s 200m
Felix: -160
Richards-Ross: +120
Carmelita Jeter: +220
Duncan: 8/1
Field: 20/1

Men’s 400m
Over/under 1.5 college athletes (competed in the 2011 NCAA season) in the top 3
Over: +180
Under: -160

Women’s 400
Over/under 2.5 references to Aaron Ross
Over: -150
Under: +150

Men’s 800m
Odds Charles Jock is leading after first lap: -400

Odds of Charles Jock winning: +700

Odds of Paris Hilton shows up to watch Nick Symmonds run
Yes: +750
No: -500

Women’s 1500m
Uceny: -130
Simpson: +110
Rowbury: 2/1
Field: 8/1

Men’s 5000m
Team will be Rupp, Lagat and Lomong: -600
Any other combination: +500

Men’s 10000m
Dathan Ritzenhein over/under 27:45
Under: -120
Over: Even

Men’s 110 hurdles
Richardson: -200
Oliver: +150
Merritt: +150
Field: 5/1
Race will be run under protest: 2/1

Women’s 100 hurdles:
Odds that the US made a terrible call who they decide who to promote in the women’s hurdles
Yes: -110
No: -110

Will there be a feature in the broadcast with Lolo Jones containing the song “Call Me Maybe”?
Yes: +600
No: -900

Men’s 400 hurdles

Bigger victory (based on percentage difference to second place) Bershawn Jackson vs. field OR Dark Knight vs. The Avengers

Batman the movie: -250

Batman the hurdler: +250

Men’s and Women’s 3000 Steeplechase
Over/under 1.5 viral videos created
Under: -200
Over: +150

See you in Eugene and remember to play responsibly!

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