The Morning Run: September 28th

The Morning Run is a daily compilation of links, news and commentary.

-This week’s podcast featuring Ryan Fenton of Flotrack.

-Two strange doping stories.  Athletics Kenya is investigating drug suspicions raised by a German journalist and the Independent Observer reports that many Olympic athletes missed blood tests in London and were not penalized.  Both stories could be nothing or they could be something.  Hope that answers your questions.

Jesse Squire created a useful chart listing which NCAA cross country teams are competing where this weekend.

NPR’s story about when Uwe Horn threw the javelin too far.

British discus thrower Lawrence Okoye will not pursue opportunities in rugby or the NFL and will instead focus on throwing.  Another Okoye (who also had a history of throwing) was pretty successful on the gridiron.

-A photo of Liu Xiang crashing into the first hurdle at the Olympics is being used in a Chinese hospital’s flyer about men’s sexual disorders.  I thought they had censorship for things like this.

Geoffrey Mutai will be looking for the world record in the marathon in Berlin on Sunday.  Even if he runs 2:02, I doubt Athletics Kenya will be impressed.

ESPN2 will broadcast the New York City Marathon live on November 4th.

-This pile up from a cross country race in Alaska is phenomenal.


One response to “The Morning Run: September 28th

  1. Just saw this on this morning. Looks like swimming is going to have mixed-gender relays at World Cup meets starting today in Dubai.

    Here’s the link.

    How about it T&F? Who say no to mixed gender T&F relays? Grow the sport.

    By the way, how about a weightman relay in the Bahamas? Who wouldn’t pay to see Robert Harting and Tomasz Majewski anchor Germany and Poland. I have great memories of these from high school.


    Rob Curry